• Transylvania Express
  • Landing Lorenzo
  • Getting By
  • Understanding Marion



  • Mud
  • The Place Beyond the Pines (addtl. 1st camera)
  • The Extra Man
  • Boy wonder
  • Almost perfect
  • Henrys crime
  • Son of no one
  • The Messenger, directed by Oren Moverman
  • The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll, directed by Scott Rosenbaum
  • Goodbye Solo, directed by Ramin Bahrani
  • Pineapple Express, directed by David Gordon Green
  • Year of the Dog, directed by Mike White
  • Day Zero, directed by Bryan Gunnar Cole
  • Starting out in the Evening, directed by Andrew Wagner
  • The Gardener of Eden, directed by kevin Connolly
  • Off The Black, directed by James Ponsoldt
  • Champions, directed by David Wike
  • Come Early Morning, directed by Joey Lauren Adam
  • Trust The Man, directed by Bart Freundlich
  • Little Manhattan, directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett
  • The Baxter, directed by Michael Showalter
  • Imaginary Heroes, directed by Dan Harris
  • Undertow, directed by David Gordon Green
  • Dandelion, directed by Mark Milgard
  • All The Real Girls, directed by David Gordon Green
  • Raising Victor Vargas, directed by Peter Sollett
  • Evenhand, directed by Joseph Pierson
  • Palindromes, directed by Todd Solondz
  • Bam Bam and Celeste, directed by Lorene Machado


  • Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. Bachelor of Media Arts received in 1999.