After graduating Middlebury College, Stephanie Fischette moved to New York City and began working in production while simultaneously pursuing acting and appearing in commercials and music videos. Hoping to get closer to her goal directing, she took on a full-time gig at director Bob Giraldi's company as his assistant and soon her position grew to associate producer and writer. While at Giraldi, she rewrote two feature scripts optioned by the company.

Her original short film Honored starring Elisabeth Moss and Charles Borland was completed in 2007, had its North American premiere at Woodstock Film Festival, and the film won the Special Jury Award in the Action/Cut Competition. In 2010, it was distributed on DVD by Film Movement, played on VOD on various cable outlets and screened as part of the in-flight program on Continental Airlines.

In 2007, Stephanie starred in the play Erase, a collaboration between playwright Tom Cole and artists Lovett/Codagnone that premiered for PERFORMA 07 at Participant Inc. She also starred in artist John Brattin's short film Triumph of the Night that showed at Participant Inc. and The Wayward Canon in London in 2006, and is collaborating with Brattin again for his latest film The Forgotten One.

In 2009, she moved to San Francisco to work for strategy think tank Dial House where she produced national radio spots for STP voiced by high profile talent. She has since been traveling between San Francisco, Abu Dhabi and New York where she’s worked for companies including Mubi, Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

Stephanie has written for the print issue and blog of Filmmaker Magazine and is currently developing 2 feature film projects.