Born in Sweden to Swedish-Italian parents with Japanese roots, Sandra Andreis has grown up to become a world traveller of sorts.

She’s a graduate of the European Film College in Denmark and The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and has lived in a wide range of cultures such as the Swedish woods of Wermland, France, Denmark and the Caribean islands.

Apart from her native Swedish language and neighboring Danish, Sandra speaks English and divides her time between the different countries whenever possible. The diverse background tickled the love of contrasts and stories along the way turned into a passion for acting.

Sandra mixes her onscreen roles with stage productions and thrills audiences from time to time as her alter ego Sandy Soldiér, a chanteuse hopelessly stuck in the 1930's. Her retro act is part Dietrich, part Piaf and a great example of the emotional weight and research that Sandra brings to her performances.

Sandra also has a strong collaborative nerve; thus inspiring her to become one of the founders of Governess Films, a New York based network of female filmmakers and the Playground projects (Lekplats), an award winning creative arts projects produced in collaboration with The Swedish National theatre (Riksteatern)

She’s been seen acting opposite Daniel Craig in David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and recently made a mark in the Scandinavian crime boom as a lead in The Sandhamn series, a TV-series that reached a broad audience of 1.7 million viewers at the end of 2012. In 2013, Sandra can be seen in the controversial artist Anna Odell's award winning debut film, the adaptation of the bestseller book Mig Äger Ingen and a new season of the Sandhamn series.